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UI/UX Design Services

Aufait's User Experience (UX) & User Interface(UI) Design division works as an independent agency with a dedicated team for UI/UX design services, development services and testing services. Our UI/UX design team can assist you in developing visually stunning yet usable mobile and web apps for enterprises and startups.

Our User Interface designers will also ensure that your mobile or web app ui ux designs will reflect your brand by following the guidelines to create an engaging UI design that really resonate with your intended target audience.

How We Build. Our UI/UX Design Process

These step-by-step approaches of ours have nailed the formula for best user experience

Design Discussions

It starts with ideas. We design softwares according to the customer’s interest and inputs. We stand with our clients to study the insights of the product and grasp project specifications. We answer their fundamental questions and build the site focusing on their users and their goals. Understanding the scenarios and empathizing with your user is an important part of making sure your UI/UX design will fit the user. These insights helps us to create a better user experience with enhanced efficiency.

Wireframe & Prototyping

Wireframes are the heart of all websites. In order to give a layout to the structure, we create a detailed sketch that provides information architecture of the websites. The main aim of this activity is to meet the goals of the user through the shortest and most impulsive method. We design high-fidelity wireframes and by further linking with templates, we build a prototype. We continue refining the wireframes until you are satisfied with the interaction and workflows.

Building Visual Design

We combine the designed screens to get all the UI elements together for the final version. If you might require something to be changed concerning the visual design, we additionally consolidate those suggestions at this point of UI/UX designing. The remaining screens are derivative of these designs.

Testing and Deploy

After powering the design with code, the site has to be tested and deployed to foolproof it. We use appropriate UI/UX design tools and check compatibility on various browsers and devices. Our quicker building and dispatching methodology allows plenty of opportunities to accommodate user feedback with the launch of the initial version. Being a warehouse of UX design we start from conceptualizing, then research, analyze, build prototype, design and enter the last stage-testing.

Improve and Support

Updates and improvements are inevitable; We observe how the users interact with the application and note how well the user is being satisfied. Our customers can avail 24*7 support and get all their queries answered. We assist you in your business goals and help you create a strong brand.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver you a solution that is as humanly as possible. In our UI/UX design, the elements will be easily accessible and well organized for maximum impact. They are fully responsive and follow the standardized layout across the site. They will be simple, uncluttered and original and give a fresh look to your intranet.

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